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Stella McCartney is a British luxury fashion house, founded in 2001 by its eponymous director and designer, that now operates 17 freestanding stores in locations including Manhattan, London, LA, Paris and Barcelona. A lifelong vegetarian, McCartney does not use any animal leather or fur and has always been in support of animal rights.

In 2008, it launched a new lingerie line and added a kidswear line in 2010; the brand has also begun to move into menswear. It also has a long-standing tie up with global sports giant Adidas on a highly successful activewear line.

In 2018 the designer announced she was buying back the 50% stake in her company that had been owned by luxury group Kering since 2001 (at that point Kering was known as Gucci Group and funded McCartney to establish her label) and opened a new flagship store on London's Bond Street.

Just over a year later (in July 2019) McCartney revealed a partnership with Kering's main rival LVMH to accelerate the global growth of the brand. McCartney will remain creative director, ambassador and majority shareholder. Full details of the partnership are due to be revealed in September 2019.

In July 2019 Stella McCartney partnered with Adidas to create a collection that used sustainable materials, as well as unveiling the worlds first 100% recycled hoodie.

Company Information
Annual Sales:
£42.5m (UK, 2017)
Segments / Shopping Categories:
Womenswear, menswear, kidswear, fragrance, sportswear
Parent Company/Key Investors:
Stella McCartney (majority shareholder); LVMH
Key Stockists:,, Selfridges,
Group Companies:,, Selfridges,
Key Countries Shipped To:
UK; EU; USA; Australia; Canada; China; UAE
Head Office Address:
3 Olaf Street London W11 4BE
Head Office Telephone:
020 7898 2710
Chief Executive:
Frederick Lukoff (announced intention to stand down in September 2019)
Marketing Director:
Stephane Jaspar (Chief Marketing Officer)
Social Media:
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