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Allbirds announces ambitious new sustainability commitments

Tom Shearsmith
05 July 2021

Allbirds has announced 10 new ambitious sustainability commitments, featuring some of the most science-based sustainability goals the footwear and apparel industries have ever seen.

The new commitments ladder up to two aggressive carbon targets: one for 2025 and a longer term goal for 2030.

The sustainable footwear and apparel brand has committed to a 50% reduction in its per-unit carbon footprint by 2025, fully inclusive of scope 1-3 emissions. It also intends to drive its per-unit footprint to as close to zero emissions as possible by 2030, committing to an average of less than 1 kg CO2e/product.

Each of the quantitative commitments was determined by in-depth scientific analysis and have been reviewed by leading third-party sustainability organisations, consulting groups, and its own supply chain partners.

The 10 Quantitative Commitments by 2025 include:

Regenerative Agriculture:

  • 100% of Allbirds’s Wool will come from regenerative sources
  • 100% of Allbirds’s annual on-farm emissions from wool will be reduced or sequestered

Renewable Materials:

  • 75% of materials used in Allbirds products will be sustainably sourced natural or recycled materials
  • Allbirds will reduce the carbon footprint of its raw materials by 25%
  • Total raw materials used by Allbirds will be reduced by 25%
  • Double the lifetime of Allbirds’s footwear and apparel products

Responsible Use:

  • Source 100% renewable energy for “owned & operated” facilities
  • Source 100% renewable energy for Tier 1 manufacturing partners
  • Achieve a steady state of >95% ocean shipping
  • Reach 100% of customers machine washing on cold and 50% of customers hang-drying Allbirds apparel

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