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Friend Of The Earth launches Sustainable Fashion Certification standard

Tom Shearsmith
24 February 2020

Friend of the Earth, the leading global certification standard for products and businesses that adhere to sustainable practices, has announced that it is launching a new certification for Sustainable Fashion.

Businesses that earn the certification must pass an audit demonstrating their commitment to using materials produced through sustainable practices, reducing waste and minimising harm to the environment. By adhering to these standard, certified fashion businesses will be allowed to use the Friend of the Earth Certified Fashion insignia on their products, signifying to consumers the strict processes that went into producing the item.

Paolo Bray, Director of Friend of the Earth said: "When we put on our clothes, we may forget we’re wearing the products of cotton plants, flax, sheep skins and so forth. The fashion business has the potential to be a big polluter. It doesn’t have to be this way. We are now working with many forward-thinking companies in the fashion industry that take sustainability seriously."

The goal of Friend of the Earth sustainable fashion is to create flourishing ecosystems and communities through its activity, by:

  • Prolonging the lifecycle of materials
  • Reducing the amount of waste
  • Reducing environmental harm created as a result of production and consumption

Friend of the Earth was launched in 2014 by the World Sustainability Organisation in hopes of bringing a significant reduction to the environmental impact of agriculture and farming through encouraging corporations to optimise the use of resources.

The certification process also involves the auditing of a company’s social and environmental management systems, legal compliance, protection of wild flora and fauna, appropriate use of hazardous substances, appropriate water resources management, outputs control and waste management. The certification audit also reviews a company’s energy management.

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