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Efforts to tackle polybag waste must be sustained, says GlobalData

Tom Shearsmith
10 March 2020

According to leading data and analytics company, GlobalData, increasing attention needs to be paid to the way brands and retailers pack and protect products - with particular attention to plastic polybags.

Plastic polybags are used in the fashion industry to protect garments during transportation and storage, often ending up in landfill among other retail plastic waste that is hard to recycle. Currently existing recycled polybags mostly use pre-consumer offcuts and shrink wrap waste from polybag production lines, so are not fully-circular and further development is needed.

Beth Wright, Apparel Correspondent at GlobalData, said: "There are numerous industry initiatives designed to further the sustainable credentials of fashion products, but a wave of projects have sprung up of late to tackle polybags."

Sustainable fashion innovator Fashion for Good has launched several projects to tackle the industry’s use of plastic bags. Its Circular Polybag Pilot uses technology to remove ink and adhesives from the waste. This can then be used to produce high-quality low-density polyethylene pellets from which new polybags can be produced.

Sustainable sourcing platform SupplyCompass has also launched a compostable packaging range for fashion brands that includes eco mailers and polybags. The bags are made from a corn-based biopolymer that is durable and waterproof and, once used, can be put into a home compost bin and will break down in six months.

Wright added: "This new wave of industry initiatives to create a more sustainable option to pack and store garments should be furthered by industry players looking to make greener choices along the whole supply chain."'s THE INDEX report for January 2020 reported that almost half of consumers surveyed preferred shopping online. With such a large trend of online shopping and products that need to be protected until delivered, it is clear that the need for 100% sustainable polybags is vital.

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