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Adidas launches new ‘Sportswear’ label to sit between Performance and Originals

Tom Bottomley
03 February 2023

Adidas has launched a new category called ‘Sportswear’ “to occupy the space between the brand’s well-known Performance and Originals labels”, its first new label for 50 years, with a campaign featuring Jenna Ortega – star of Netflix series ‘Wednesday’.

The range is targeting “the next generation’s adoption of a comfort-first mindset” and its influence on the casualisation of fashion, with a range of pieces that use the latest performance technology but with a focus on style, comfort and versality.

Ortega “joins the Adidas family” for the ‘All That You Are’ campaign, which includes Tottenham Hotspur striker Son Heung-min, Manchester City Women’s team forward Mary Fowler, Atlanta Hawks basketball player Trae Young and star of Twitch – the American video games live streaming service – Carolina Voltan.

The SS23 debut collection showcases block colour designs and stripped back details, with each piece “curated to be worn and remixed”. The ‘Express Dress’ is inspired by the football aesthetic, and there’s also the ‘Express Jersey’ and oversized ‘Express Coach Jacket’.

Aimee Arana, Adidas Global Manager, Sportwear and Training, said: “With consumer behaviour showing a noticeable change over the last few years, there’s no surprise that certain trends and desires are accelerating, particularly amongst the next generation. Taking this into account, we knew as a brand that we must adapt in a way that meets their needs, which is how and why Adidas Sportswear was born.

“Despite many lifestyle brands across different categories broadening their ranges to incorporate sportswear products, our offering has a clear point of difference. Each item combines the best of our already established technologies with stylish detailing, does not compromise on comfort and has been designed in a way that ensures true versatility when worn. With so much still to come, we are so excited to finally launch a new category that has been in the making for quite some time!”

Adidas Sportswear will launch worldwide in stores on 9 February 2023, though early access is currently available on the brand’s website.

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