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'United by Dickies' brand campaign showcases local UK talent

Tom Shearsmith
24 September 2020

Dickies, the world renowned workwear brand, has launched its first-ever global multimedia marketing campaign focusing on a global community of makers, from culture-drivers to traditional artisans.

As part of the campaign, localised video content has been produced to create a deeper exploration into the stories of UK based makers.

The United by Dickies campaign brings to light a new normal during the pandemic – as communities are apart, makers continue to shape the future together through action, work and creative expression.

Dickies cameras followed Kem Klipper and Amy Isles Freeman, capturing their diverse creative routines. Through a split-screen format, the content documents a day in the life of each maker; Amy is an artist, muralist and DJ, while Kem is a small business owner and barber.

Intimate portraits and action shots reveal a transition from work to play, depicting passion projects and everyday hustle. Though each output may be very different, both are united through action, work and creative expression:

Since the company’s introduction almost 100 years ago, workers from all walks of life have chosen Dickies as their choice when it comes to durable, functional, rugged garments.

The brands extensive workwear heritage and adoption of the brand through different subcultures of society has meant in recent years Dickies has become more than workwear.

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