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The Midult: new digital platform targets "the forgotten tribe"

Lauretta Roberts
31 May 2016

Journalists Annabel Rivkin and Emilie McMeekan have unveiled a new digital platform targeting "the forgotten tribe" of women; the 35-55 year-olds or the "Midults". The launch follows a plethora of new launches targeting the younger "millennials", who The Midult team claim do not have the spending power of their older counterparts.

The Midult is a digital forum-led platform and news channel, which sets out to own "the Midult mindshare". There are also plans in place to take the revenue stream offline through sponsored events and talks, and the creation of partnerships and affiliations.

"As the millennials evolve into Midults, brands are gearing up to launch a feeding frenzy for their attention and their spend. This is the playground for a generation-defining tribe. The Midult is the counter proposal to everything out there; a new territory that will define a generation and brand a revolution. They can no longer afford to ignore us," say Rivkin and McMeekan.

The 35-55 year old woman is one of the most powerful consumer groups. In the UK 8m women fall into this category and, according to The Midult team, women drive an estimated 70-80% of consumer spending globally. However many feel they are overlooked and misunderstood by brands and media outlets.

"[We are] the healthiest, wealthiest and most active generation of women in history. Digitally engaged, emotionally intelligent. And yet we are the forgotten tribe," they add, "We are not our mothers. Scaring us, patronising us and trying to sell us Agas and HRT is no longer good enough."

The Midult takes an irreverent and humorous tone but covers issues that are central to the lives of the demographic it targets. Articles on the new site include: Being a cougar. Is it even a Thing?, The 23 best divorce lawyers in the UK, The politics of dating, and I think I may be grown up enough for yoga... .

Rivkin and McMeekan have a combined 30 years of experience in journalism. Rivkin is editor at large for Tatler and a columnist for ES Magazine. For the past three years she has also run her own agency Bee Works which works on creative strategy, storytelling and content for luxury, fashion and beauty brands. McMeekan was previously deputy editor of Tatler and features editor of The Evening Standard.

They are joined by digital director Sara McCorquodale whose CV includes names such as, Huffington Post Style UK and WGSN.

Lately there have been a string of new websites targeting the so-called millennial generation (the 18-35 year olds). Experience-driven and highly digitally engaged, this group are attractive to marketers for their future, as opposed to their current, spending power. Last November US media group Clique Media brought its Who What Wear and Byrdie, fashion and beauty platforms to the UK. Refinery 29, another US-born digital platform, unveiled the team behind its UK launch at about the same time, while iD publisher Vice unveiled its new site, Amuse, for millennials and the millennial minded last summer.

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