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Stradivarius and Marni: Moves in the metaverse

Camilla Rydzek
19 April 2022

Stradivarius and Marni have made moves in the metaverse this week, experimenting with new, innovative and immersive ways to engage with customers digitally.

Following the success of the first metaverse fashion week last month, which saw the likes of Tommy Hilfiger and Dolce & Gabbana participate and showcase their their wearable collections, digital spaces, and breakthrough activations, new brands have entered the foray of the digital fashion universe.

While Stradivarius ventures into accessible digital fashion, Marni taps into a new concept called "meta-commerce", which allows fans to buy real life goods in the metaverse - and that was discussed by Lead Curator of the inaugural Metaverse Fashion Week, David Cash, discussed in an interview with



Inditex-owned youth brand Stradivarius has followed into the footsteps of its sister brand Zara and has ventured into the metaverse with a digital fashion collection. This marks the first in a line of new digital fashion "drops" that the brand is planning to release via its app. This inaugural collection is called Drop 1: Blueming and features florals and denim in a "sensual female wonderland". The collection is available to customers across the UK and Europe markets including Ireland, Spain, Germany, France, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Austria, Denmark, Greece, Sweden and more.


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Customers can "wear" the digital collection by downloading the app, taking a picture of themselves and "trying-on" their chosen outfit. For a limited time the collection is available free of charge, afterwards outfits can be bought for an affordable price - a short denim dress will cost around £1.60 for example. Once customers have selected their items they can then download the final image and upload it to social media.

Zara has previously collaborated with South Korean label Ader Error on a virtual collection and debuted a limited edition "Metacollection" for both physical and virtual worlds in March this year. 



Marni's digital world WearWeAre

Luxury fashion brand Marni, which is owned by Diesel parent company OTB, has released a digital version of its Spring/Summer 2022 collection that is part of its new virtual world called WearWeAre. The virtual world can be accessed via Marni's website and allows fans to browse the collection through a 3D lookbook or a metaverse-like, virtual environment. In Marni stores customers can access the virtual format by scanning QR codes on their phones. In the virtual world fans find themselves in a green lush landscape at night, and are greeted by ethereal music. Users can navigate the space by following a sparkling river, on which sides they find virtual models showing pieces of the collection. Fans then have the opportunity to add their favourite items to a wishlist, which also allows them to buy them once they return to the main online store. This new way of engaging with customers is also an early example of what "meta-commerce", or shopping in the metaverse, looks like.

Marni WearWeAre

Marni's digital world WearWeAre

Marni's creative director Francesco Risso commented on the new immersive format: "I don't consider 'virtuality' as a way to detach from reality, but as a different means to explore the human experience. Through the WEARWEARE program, we expanded the ideals of human connection at the core of the physical fashion show last September, offering users a new point of view and a new entry-point to engage with content in a very personal and immersive way."

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