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Zara steps into metaverse with South Korean label Ader Error

Jeremy Lim
06 December 2021

Spanish fashion house Zara has taken the leap into the metaverse with South Korean label Ader Error to launch its first collaborative project which explores the metaverse and virtual reality.

According to Ader in a release, the AZ Collection is 'inspired by the identities and uniqueness of all generations from A to Z, blurring the boundaries between the virtual and real worlds, and features the lives of young people who pioneer their own Persona.'

Alongside its physical apparel range, the collaborative project is available through the ZEPETO platform, where users can purchase digital versions of the clothes and makeup for their avatars.

The collection's offerings features Ader's signature blue colour throughout the range of beanies, crossbody bags, boxy suits and sweater vests. Highlights include a heather grey coat with white piping details, and green-and-blue scarves and puffer jacket featuring the Korean label’s aesthetic.

While the ADERERROR x ZARA collaboration is only available outside of the UK at the Zara's stores in 10 regions worldwide, including South Korea, Italy, the US, and Japan, the collection marks Ader's biggest partnership to date and Zara's push into the metaverse.

ZARA x Ader Error

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