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Searches for 'Barbie fashion' skyrocket as Barbie-mania continues to sweep the nation

Chloe Burney
11 August 2023

It’s safe to say the marketing of the Barbie movie has been a success, just log into social media if you still need convincing. But, what does this mean for fashion? Searches for 'Barbie fashion' in the UK have increased by 106% in July according to Google Trends.

Since the release of Warner Bros’ long-awaited Barbie movie - starring Margo Robbie as the protagonist and Ryan Gosling as Ken – Barbie mania has shown no signs of slowing down.

In the UK alone, there have been 12 million searches for 'Barbie fashion' on Google in July and August, according to Diary Directory. Barbiecore is characterised by its bright colours, feminine silhouettes, and playful patterns.

In the last 30 days, the hashtag #barbieoutifts has had 268 million worldwide views on TikTok.

The top five cities with the most searches for Barbie fashion in the UK are as follows:

  • Inverness (152.9 searches per 100k people)
  • Liverpool (147.6 searches per 100k people)
  • Hereford (144.1 searches per 100k people)
  • Nottingham (142.7 searches per 100k people)
  • Sheffield (139.9 searches per 100k people)

The top five Barbie terms that people are searching in the UK are as follows:

  • Barbiecore fashion
  • Barbie pink dress
  • Barbie swimsuit
  • Barbie high heels
  • Barbie crop top

Boohoo Frasers

But it doesn't stop there, brands also said "Hi Barbie" with over 30 collaborative collections. Shoppers stepped into Barbie's world with apparel, accessories, jewellery and shoes. Whether they have been lifelong fans of the iconic doll, or they're fans of anything pink, customers have tapped into their 'Kenergy' with the ongoing slew of fashion collaborations. put together a round-up of the recent Barbie-themed launches from fashion brands in the UK. Those fueling the 'Barbiecore' trend include Gap, Primark, Zara, Kipling and more.

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