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Scotch & Soda to open 15 new stores and accelerate growth strategy

Tom Shearsmith
11 October 2021

Amsterdam-based fashion brand Scotch & Soda has announced the acceleration of its growth strategy which includes the opening 15 new brick-and-mortar stores and 7 new shop-in-shops by the end of the year in Europe, Asia-Pacific, North America, and the Middle East.

The year-end retail expansion includes new directly operated and franchise stores in key global cities such as Paris, Madrid, Philadelphia, Charlotte, Gothenburg, Riyadh, Mumbai, Bucharest, Dortmund, Stuttgart and Perth.

The brand is also officially launching its first digital store on Tmall in China following a soft launch in August, the first commercial initiative since the brand started operating directly in the country in July, with brick-and-mortar store openings to follow soon in key Chinese cities.

Scotch & Soda also recently launched its Weibo, Little Red Book, WeChat and Douyin social media accounts to support the brand’s awareness in the region.

Frederick Lukoff, CEO of Scotch & Soda, commented: “We are very proud to announce that Scotch & Soda is accelerating its growth strategy. It Is indeed a very exciting time for our company despite the challenges caused by the COVID-19 pandemic in the retail Industry. We are pursuing the expansion of our retail network at a global level, strengthening our footprint in markets where we are already present, as well as entering key markets such as China, that we see as full of potential to reach new customers and introduce them to our brand.”

Since January 2021, Scotch & Soda has opened a total of 34 brick-and-mortar stores and 27 shop-in-shops, which will bring the brand’s total retail and franchise portfolio to 249 stores and 280 shop-in-shops globally by the end of the year.

All facades will carry the updated brand logo. Interiors will carry Scotch & Soda’s new store design concept, featuring warm colours, sleek design elements, sustainable LED lighting, FSC-certified wood herringbone flooring and new hangers made of recycled materials.

The brand is also expanding its lifestyle categories for the upcoming Christmas season and the arrival of its new Spring 2022 collections. Each item will feature the new brand identity, and three new styles of bags will be introduced to celebrate the new logo: a reporter bag, a cross body and a functional foldable tote bag made with recycled nylon, available in six colours. All new styles will be available exclusively in franchise and directly operated stores as well as online for the first season.

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