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ONE Essentials launches with circular underwear that can be returned for recycling

Camilla Rydzek
14 January 2022

Former Barbour and Crew Clothing designer Carrie Davies has launched a circular underwear brand called ONE Essentials, which will also offer consumers a collect and recycle service for items at the end of their life.

The brand has launched with a range of T-shirts, sweatshirts and underwear that are made of recycled, organic cotton and biodegradable elastane, and are certified free of toxic chemicals. At the end of their life, the items can be returned to the brand to be recycled.

Carrie Davies, Founder of ONE Essentials, said: “I wanted to start with the most hardworking items in our wardrobes, so I focused on the one piece we all throw away – underwear, an item that's truly disposable.

"We are living with finite resources and growing consumer demand, so veering away from conventional cotton fibres and focusing on premium recycled cotton reduces our reliance on a heavily water-intensive crop, whilst maintaining the natural benefits of cotton.

"For example our t-shirt saves 890L of water compared to one made with conventional cotton, due to its 50-50 blend of recycled & organic cotton, whilst still being super soft and luxurious.  As we grow the business I'm looking to include more innovative materials within our collections."

One Essential underwear

According to the brand, the use of this blend of fibres uses 72% less energy, 84% less water and 51% less CO2 per lb of fibres compared to conventional cotton, while also reducing the need for virgin cotton fibres.

A Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) score that is displayed alongside each product on ONE Essential's website measures products' environmental savings across water, CO2, fertiliser and energy compared to garments made of conventional cotton. An additional tool shows the brand's total ecological impact, continually updating itself based on website sales.

The brand also provides supply chain transparency scores that inform consumers on the garment's geographical origins, how many hours were worked on it as well as the average employee salary per month. As part of its 1% Pledge the brand donates towards textile cleanup initiatives.

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