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Fat Face reveals sustainability targets for 2025

Tom Shearsmith
24 January 2020

Fat Face has revealed a list of sustainability targets for 2025, in a bid to keep up to pace with consumer demands. The brand aims to become more transparent with how it makes decisions in its supply chain, as well as increase the percentage of sustainable materials used.

The 2025 targets allow the brand to make suitable changes in every aspect of production, supply chain and retailing, with clear targets including:

    • 100% of the polyester from polyester products will be recycled.
    • 100% of the viscose from viscose products will be from sustainable sources.
    • 100% of the linen from linen products will be from sustainable sources.
    • 100% of the leather from leather products will come from LWG (Leather Working Group) tanneries which seeks to improve the leather manufacturing industry.
    • To improve the content of care labels to help customers increase the lifespan of products.

Fat Face cotton

Fat Face is already making significant steps in sustainability, with 100% of its cotton being sustainably sourced. The brand has been achieved this by sourcing organically grown cotton and through membership of the Better Cotton Initiative; a non-profit organisation helping farmers to reduce the impact of cotton production on the local environment and improving the livelihood of farmers globally.

In a statement, Fat Face said: "We will prioritise our buying decisions to favour suppliers who go above and beyond responsible sourcing standards and publicly disclose our first-tier product supply chain. We will continue to train and educate our people on responsible buying practices."

Alongside sustainability targets, Fat Face also revealed its intentions to become carbon neutral by 2025, reducing CO2 emissions and offsetting the remaining CO2 emissions by planting trees. 100% of the energy powering the brands head office and UK stores will also come from renewable sources.

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