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Data reveals the most influential fashion moments of 2022

Chloe Burney
22 December 2022

New data analysis shows that Blake Lively’s colour-changing Versace dress worn to the Met Gala was the most influential fashion moment of 2022.

2022’s most influential fashion moments were calculated by taking a look at over 200 fashion moments that took place in the past year and measuring search volumes, engagements, and social media sentiment. Search performance agency MediaVision’s analysts calculated these celebrity fashion moments, ranking those with the greatest cultural influence.

The Met Gala draws the fashion crowd’s admiration year after year, so it comes as no surprise that the event secured the first and second spots in the list generated. In first place is Blake Lively’s regal ensemble that shade-shifted to represent the Statue of Liberty.

Ranking in second place is Kim Kardashian’s revival of Marilyn Monroe’s iconic Mr. President dress. Though Monroe's archival gown may have spurred the most searches, it was knocked off of the top spot as many of them were driven by controversy and negativity.

Following the top places is a list of memorable fashion moments from 2022 spanning designer looks from fashion weeks, award ceremonies, magazine covers, weddings, and even funerals.

Louis Venter, CEO at MediaVision, commented: “Celebrity fashion moments have made for significant talking points throughout 2022, with social media allowing consumers to engage with the moments as they happen and show their love immediately. For those of us who love data, tracking engagement and social media sentiment gives us a view into how these key moments influence fashion trends moving forward.

“But the tech in and of itself doesn’t tell the whole story. Understanding the true nature of influence requires a human touch, and that’s where our people and their powers of analysis come in. Kim Kardashian’s dress might have had the most searches, but when compared to the various types of positive sentiment that built around Blake Lively’s Met Gala dress, it couldn't quite compete. For that reason, Blake Lively takes the crown as “2022’s most influential fashion moment.”

The top ten famous fashion moments are as follows:

1. Blake Lively’s Versace Met Gala dress
2. Kim Kardashian in Marilyn Monroe’s ‘Happy Birthday’ dress at the Met Gala
3. Kourtney Kardashian's Dolce & Gabbana ensemble at her wedding to Travis Barkers
4. Florence Pugh’s Valentino Gown at Milan Fashion Week
5. Lil Nas X’s Iman's Met Gala tribute at the VMAs
6. Bella Hadid's spray-on Coperni dress at Paris Fashion Week
7. Jennifer Aniston's Chanel bikini on the cover of Allure
8. Kate Middleton's Bahrain pearl drop earrings worn to the Queen's funeral
9. Kate Moss in a checked shirt and baggy jeans on the Bottega Veneta catwalk at Milan Fashion Week
10. Julia Fox and Kanye West's in coordinating double denim at Men's Fashion Week in Paris

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