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Adidas partners with TrusTrace on near-time supply chain traceability

Camilla Rydzek
14 March 2022

Adidas has announced that it is an early adopter of technology company TrusTrace's newest supply chain solution, enabling near real-time traceability at material level.

The insights from the solution, called TrusTrace Certified Material Compliance, will help Adidas "create even more transparency of our sustainability efforts," said Katja Schreiber, Senior Vice President Sustainability, and will enable the company to "gain more visibility into our complete supply chain down to the materials level."

Adidas's sustainability goals include moving to 100% recycled polyester by 2024 and having nine out of 10 products feature a sustainable technology, material, design or manufacturing method by 2025.

The Certified Material Compliance solution gives brands granular visibility into product sustainability metrics by capturing near real-time data from supply chain transactions, as products and materials move through the value chain. It further links all purchase orders to production steps, certificates, supplier declarations and quality reports on the TrusTrace platform, allowing retailers to streamline sustainable compliance.


It also helps to reduce material waste and increase production efficiency by calculating discrepancies between inputs and outputs.

"TrusTrace Certified Material Compliance helps brands manage risk and compliance and allows them to prove sustainability claims with confidence," commented Shameek Ghosh, CEO of TrusTrace.

In the near future, the solution will give companies the opportunity to proactively address the more stringent regulations that are being introduced by UK and EU governments, which will require brands to base sustainability claims on verifiable data.

“In the midst of global greenwashing and challenges with unsubstantiated claims, brands and regulators are moving quickly to instil confidence among consumers that products are, indeed, as sustainable as they claim to be," added Ghosh.

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