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Zara launches innovative Store Mode technology in UK

Tom Shearsmith
09 July 2021

Zara has launched its innovative Store Mode functionality across its ecommerce and in app, helping to connect its stores and digital platforms in the UK.

In September 2020, the fashion retailer launched Store Mode in several Spanish cities, aiming to make shopping easier, safer and more sustainable.

Earlier this year the technology was trialed in nine London locations, with the success allowing for it to be rolled out to all Zara stores in the UK.

Store Mode allows the customer to see the available inventory of items from the closest store, which could be available for collection within 30 minutes, reducing crowding in stores and unnecessary journeys.

When in-store, customers can use the app to locate products viewed online using wayfinding functionality, guiding them to its specific location. Once the item has been found, app users can reserve fitting rooms and fast track any fitting room lines with a QR code.

The app also produces a unique QR code at checkout, acting as a receipt and reducing the need for printing paper copies.

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