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Timberland launches gamified digital experience TimbsTrails

Camilla Rydzek
31 January 2022

Timberland has launched a gamified digital experience called TimbsTrails which allows visitors to explore the brand's past, present and future through six brand-defining chapters. 

Once visitors have chosen a chapter they want to explore, they will be transported into the respective location, for example New York city, and are then free to navigate down a set path of streets. At specific points visitors are invited to open a pop-up window that explores how Timberland has influenced people, art, music and culture during its near 50-year history.

The original yellow boot, the Timbs, are at the core of the experience and visitors can trace the evolution of Timberland’s footwear innovation.

Chapters range form Timberland's New England Origins, cultural influences in Tokyo, London and Italy, the boot's New York City Hip Hop Heritage, sustainability initiatives and past collaborations. The final chapter explores the brand's plans for a greener future. 

Timberland TimbsTrails

TimbsTrail has launched in the UK and US, with other countries to follow and is also coming to Timberland retail stores.  It was developed in the partnership with global digital innovation agency R/GA, and will see new updates being added each season.

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