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Sustainable lifestyle brand Thought unveils new brand identity and website

Jeremy Lim
07 April 2022

Sustainable lifestyle brand Thought has today launched a new website and brand identity, exploring the benefits of living sustainability.

Thought's new website will offer its Spring 2022 collection, with all care labels on products offering information on the production and origins of each item. Hangtags will also feature QR codes allowing customers to engage further with the materials and fabrics used.

Commenting about the rebranding, Rachel Kelly, Founder of Thought said: "What feels very special is that we really can speak our truth authentically. Greenwashing is a huge problem in our industry, but our business has been built around a sustainable ethic – it is fundamentally who we are.

"We started by making environmentally and socially responsible choices in our garment production and our fabric sourcing, and that is what we continue to do, whilst evolving to stay ahead of the curve. We can call ourselves a sustainable fashion and lifestyle business with confidence, and now communicate that in a dialogue that is genuine, understandable and heartfelt."

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