Surplus materials granted starring role in Air & Grace’s new capsule collection

Air & Grace

British women’s footwear brand Air & Grace is championing the responsible shopping trend with the launch of a special edition repurpose capsule collection made from surplus materials. 

The hand-crafted mini collection uses excess material from sample production and offers shoppers “the perfect antidote to throwaway fast-fashion.”  

Launching on Black Friday (27 November) pieces will go on sale at full price in a bid to encourage shoppers “to question the cycle of endless discounting which fuels throwaway fashion and overconsumption and in turn has a large impact on our planet,” the brand said.

Air & Grace

Air & Grace Founder Claire Burrows added: “Doing things differently is at the forefront of Air & Grace, which is why I wanted to create the new Repurpose Capsule Collection this Black Friday.

It follows our trans-seasonal ethos of style that won’t expire, whilst cutting back on waste by repurposing excess materials that would have otherwise never seen the light of day.

“It’s our way of making the very best quality shoes we can, whilst simultaneously showing care for the product and the environment.

“As a small independent brand, we’re continually looking for ways in which we can be more responsible as a business and we hope the new collection will encourage customers to buy ‘shoes to love, not to landfill’.”