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Stuart Trevor to launch new label using re-worked vintage clothing at London Fashion Week

Tom Bottomley
29 August 2023

All Saints and Bolongaro Trevor Founder Stuart Trevor is launching a new label under his own name that re-works and customises vintage clothing and deadstock fabric.

The first collection launches on a new website ( on 15 September 2023, the same day it will be on show at an exclusive launch party during London Fashion Week.

While the name of the new label is Stuart Trevor, the logo is a simple ST. Prices will start at £35-£50 for T-shirts, with denim shirts at £70, denim jeans and jackets for £100-£150, military flak jackets for £250-£350, and parkas and “rare and exclusive pieces” for £350-£1,000.

Posting on Instagram over the Bank Holiday weekend, Trevor wrote:

“For many years many friends and associates have asked me to produce a new collection.

“The last thing the world needs is another clothing company - what about a clothing company that doesn’t produce any clothing?

“There are far too many clothes in the world already.

“Our clothes are reworked, rebranded, cut up, distressed, and reimagined with care - patched, printed, hand painted, sprayed, washed and embroidered, often with “less is more” in mind.

“There’s a huge supply of vintage clothing ready to be given new life, millions of metres of “dead stock” fabric either lying around in fabric mills or ending up in landfill. We want to turn this 'dead stock' into 'living stock'.”

Trevor started his career as a fashion design student in 1985, and aged 19 became the first ever designer and buyer for REISS.

In October 1994, aged 28, he founded All Saints where he was Creative Director for over 12 years. Of that groundbreaking time, his Instagram post said:

“I miss All Saints. Obviously. It was my baby, I created that look from scratch, all inspired by my teenage years. That best selling biker jacket started out as a vintage find and it took over the world!

“Inspired by a childhood obsession with Bowie, Kate Bush & Adam Ant, I set out to create the world’s greatest rock n roll brand. I’m still on that mission and I’m determined to make it happen.

“Now I want to create something that brings the same joy, even more pleasure to people whilst doing what's right for our planet.”

Trevor and his team started customising vintage finds, then began creating small quantities of reworked outerwear in limited edition from a small factory in East London. The result is his new highly anticipated eponymous label.

He continued: “People want to have more fun, rediscover the magic of fashion, buy clothes that will last, that have the smallest possible environmental impact. We will make this possible.

“Eco anxiety amongst children is greater than ever before, we need to do something about that. We need to ACT NOW.”

Hinting at what else will be coming under his new label, Trevor added: “We will be producing recycled cotton tees and hoodies etc but we’re starting with a never ending supply of existing garments that are already out there.

Imagery: Tim Kent

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