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SMCP Group bans exotic skins

Lauretta Roberts
10 April 2020

SMCP, the parent group behind Sandro, Maje, Claudie Pierlot and De Fursac, has banned exotic skins from its collections following on from a ban on real fur last year.

The French premium fashion group confirmed to PETA France that it would no longer use materials derived from snakes, crocodiles, ostriches, kangaroos and other exotic animals.

"Every item made out of exotic skins is a product of horrible suffering by the animals who were killed for it in gruesome ways, including some who were skinned alive while fully conscious," said PETA Director Elisa Allen. "We applaud SMCP Group's compassionate decision and encourage other brands to follow its example."

As well as banning fur, a number of fashion brands and retailers from Victoria Beckham to Chanel, Selfridges, Vivienne Westwood and Paul Smith have also banned exotic skins from their collections. PETA is now calling upon brands such as Hermes, Louis Vuitton and Prada to follow suit.

The animal rights group has switched its attention from campaigning against the use of fur in fashion, after so many brands across the board banned it in recent years, to other animal products from leathers to cashmere.

Yesterday it was revealed that it had bought up stakes in two dozen fashion brands from Burberry to Ralph Lauren and Urban Outfitters to use their position as shareholder to encourage them to ban the use of cashmere, mohair and wool.

While a number of brands and retailers have already banned cashmere and mohair, the call to ban wool is likely to prove trickier. Following pressure from PETA last year, fast fashion etailer Boohoo banned wool products from its site only to backtrack a matter of days later after a backlash from the public and from farmers who insist their animals are treated humanely. The company has since vowed to ensure all of its wool products are ethically sourced.

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