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ROECK HAUSS Studios unveils unique slow-fashion business model

Tom Shearsmith
29 April 2021

ROECK HAUSS Studios, a new London based clothing brand has unveiled its unique slow-fashion business model, releasing only one item of clothing at a time, turning its back the concept of large-scale collections.

Founded by Royal College of Art graduates Julia Hauss and Sebastian Röck, the brand is to launch individual items of clothing at their own pace, putting time for thorough development and manufacture first, as opposed to weekly drops of numerous items, or seasonal collections.

Co-Founder Julia Hauss, said: "We look to change the status quo of how we consume clothing. It would be unrealistic to suggest that everyone should put a halt to purchasing clothing, however we want to promote a slower pace and introduce transparency which is often lost in the fashion industry."

On their Instagram the design duo, who use the mantra "We Take It Slow", show their process of pattern-cutting and sampling of their designs from their studio in East London to celebrate the craft of garment-making that has been lost in fast-fashion.

Co-Founder Sebastian Röck, added: "A few years back I found an old jacket which belonged to my dad in the 80s in a cupboard at my parents house and started wearing it. It became my favourite piece of clothing and a piece that I refer to in terms of quality and longevity. There’s beauty in clothing that shows signs of wear but withstands the test of time."

The slow-fashion brand is due to release its' first drop in May 2021, with a set of jackets (priced at £219), made entirely from cotton featuring bio-degradable corozo buttons and recycled woven polyester labels, dyed in a local factory on the outskirts of London.

Encouraging their audience to look after their clothing, the business also offers free repairs for life for all their pieces, contributing towards tackling the amount of clothing that ends up in landfill.

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