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Pure London x JATC have announced this year’s theme is ‘Cabinet of Curiosity’

Chloe Burney
08 September 2023

Pure London x JATC, the UK’s largest fashion trade show, has revealed its theme of ‘Cabinet of Curiosity’ for the first combined show taking place in February 2024.

Cabinet of Curiosity will set the scene for the event that offers buyers a joint show with an increased number of fashion designers and brands.

The theme is intended to transport visitors to a new world of fashion that invokes a sense of ‘wonder, experimentation and joy’.

Malaika Ewande, Trend Forecaster and Founder of Vesuvius, commented: "The main inspiration for the theme was this undeniable fact that we have been seeing markets melt into each other on several levels in the industry, so much so that the resulting products invite curiosity and mystery in the best way possible!

"Cabinet of Curiosity introduces a space in which the newer values and visions attached to fashion (namely conscious consuming, holistic craftsmanship and a taste for original, creative and lasting products) all collide through contemporary art-inspired designs that bring life and movement to the season."

Set against a backdrop of earthy shades and calming denim hues, this year’s show presents a dynamic set of graphics and imagery.

Gloria Sandrucci, Event Director at Pure London, said: "I am extremely excited about our Cabinet of Curiosity theme for February’s show. It gives us the opportunity to have fun and be truly creative whilst also capturing the mood of the industry. This season buyers can expect a totally transformed show and I look forward to seeing this brought to life at Olympia London."

Juls Dawson, Creative Director at Just Around The Corner, added: "The Cabinet of Curiosity theme perfectly encapsulates the positivity and sense of anticipation surrounding the new joined-up format of February’s inaugural Pure London X JATC and will epitomise the myriad of discoveries and connections our brands and buyers will experience."

Pure London x JATC will take place on the 11 – 13 February 2024 at Olympia London, showcasing over 300 brands.

In August, Pure London and Just Around The Corner (JATC) announced they are joining forces to create Pure London x JATC, the UK's largest trade show, which will sit under parent company Hyve’s retail division.

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