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PODCAST: Bromelia Swimwear Creative Director & Founder, Lauren Quinn
02 July 2020

Welcome to the latest episode of our Podcast series "In Conversation" where we bring you inspiring stories, retail insights and conversation from fashion's most influential business leaders. 

Tom Shearsmith,'s News & Features Writer, speaks to Lauren Quinn, Creative Director and Founder of ethical swimwear brand Bromelia Swimwear.

Lauren exclusively employs women, LGBTQ+ or BAME individuals and supports local artists to create pieces that tell a story through pattern, art, photography and design.

Bromelia Swimwear was born from the powerful mix of Brazilian soul and California beach lifestyle.

In this episode, Lauren tells us about her move to Brazil in her mid-thirties where she wanted to open a very different business to the one she has today and how she went on to launch Bromelia which has caught the eye of the journalists at Vogue, Elle and Marie Claire. 



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