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Pandemic restrictions in the UK saw shoppers focus on mobile devices

Camilla Rydzek
16 March 2022

67% of people in the UK now shop more often on their mobile devices compared to two years ago, Klarna has found in its 2021 Mobile Shopping Report.

The report, which surveyed 13,000 consumers across 13 countries, revealed that the UK had seen the highest increase in shoppers using mobile devices, which Klarna linked to the impact of the pandemic and the country's stricter lockdown restrictions.

Klarna also revealed the trend seen in the UK was observed across generations, with 77% of Gen Z, 79% of Millennials, 68% of Gen X and 56% of Baby Boomers saying they shopping more on their mobile devices compared to pre-pandemic times.

The data further confirmed that consumers are increasingly looking to combine their online and in-person shopping experiences. 62% said they used their mobile devices to research products whilst shopping in store and 90% said they used it to compare prices.

Shopping apps have also gained in popularity, with 60% of participants having at least one installed on their devices. 63% added that they would prefer to have a single app that incorporates all aspects of their shopping journey, with 79% saying this would "simplify their shopping experience."

Alex Marsh, Head of Klarna UK commented: “The digitalisation of retail means that we will stop talking about online shopping and physical stores as separate experiences, with consumers able to access the best of both worlds to make informed purchase decisions. Shopping apps will play an increasingly important role in the way we shop and consumers will choose those apps that can support them in all the stages of their shopping and payment journey, helping them save money and time.”

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