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Olivia and Pearl launches sustainable Keshi pearl jewellery collection

Tom Shearsmith
14 July 2020

Olivia & Pearl has unveiled its' latest jewellery collection, inspired by owner Olivia Smith's passion and love for natural beauty and the power of the ocean.

The Keshi collection features raw organic and abstract shapes, inspired by ocean waves, sea-tumbled pebbles and natural reefs. Unique, distinctive and original, the Keshi pearls featured are one of a kind.

Abstract and non-symmetrical in shape Keshi designs give a bold and modern edge to products. Made from lustrous Keshi freshwater pearls, the jewellery has a refined organic feel and make a forward style statement.

Breaking into an industry where sustainability is paramount to a brand’s success and longevity, above anything else founder Smith wants "to build a business that does what is right, not what is easy", with the entire collection featuring sustainably found pearl pieces.

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