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London Fashion Week AW24 Highlights: Annie's Ibiza - 17th century, but make it dance floor ready

Chloe Burney
17 February 2024

Annie’s Ibiza, Annie Doble’s eponymous label, presented its third – and arguably its most ethereal – collection at a spell binding gothic church in West London.

Somehow, Doble is able to effortlessly bring 17th-century techniques and vintage silhouettes into the 21st century. The line-up was a testament the timeless elegance of historical craftsmanship over fleeting trends.

The overtly decedent demi-couture collection brought artistry front and centre - think lace, embroidery, beadwork and sequins. Each hand-crafted look echoed the spirit of Ibiza, where the designer draws inspiration.


Models floated down the runway in looks that exuded glamour worthy of the gilded age, lit up by a string of spotlights that drenched each and every bead that graced the runway in a reflective glow. The star of the show? The opener - a floor lunch beaded gown that resembled a spiders web, paired with a matched headpiece that covered the model's faces, giving it a goth allure that seamlessly matched the backdrop.

This season, Annie's ethereal creations delve even deeper into the symbiotic relationship between artistry and the world that surrounds us. Drawing inspiration from the delicate balance of ecosystems and the enduring allure of historical craftsmanship, silhouettes mirrored the flowing lines of flora and fauna, juxtaposed with the structured bodices of the Modern Era.

Beyond the glamour that defines Annie's Ibiza, a commitment to environmental responsibility takes centre stage. Each piece in the collection is only available in limited, exclusive runs, a conscious decision to combat overproduction and reduce waste. Annie's dedication to the environment extends to the materials used in her designs, which are ethically sourced, recycled and vegan.

Photo Credits: Dave Benett/Getty Images


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