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London Fashion Week AW24 Highlights: Natasha Zinko took us on a trip into outer-space

Chloe Burney
17 February 2024

In a fashion-forward exploration of the future, Natasha Zinko invited fashion enthusiasts to embark on a journey into outer-space. Drawing inspiration from space travel and the anticipation of uncharted territories, Zinko's collection bridges the gap between fantasy and reality.

Reflecting on the 1960s' space race, a period marked by the pursuit of ultimate escapism, Zinko typified human's need to explore through her AW24 collection. While the dream of commercial space travel and elegantly dressed stewardesses defying gravity may seem distant, the designer immersed the audience in a time and space that it is possible.

The runway showcased a diverse cast of characters, each donning ensembles that evoke the essence of a future era. Off-duty astronauts stole the spotlight, clad in padded underwear jumpsuits split diagonally by zips and oversized jackets featuring curved spacesuit sleeves. Meanwhile, flight attendants made a stylish entrance in neat, short, pastel pink dresses inspired by Stanley Kubrick's iconic 2001 costumes.

The Ukrainian designer combines futuristic elements with timeless comfort, as evidenced by pure and simple tracksuits paired with streamlined, platform-less leather boots.

True to Zinko's signature style, the collection features garments constructed from upcycled workwear, promoting sustainability and conscious fashion choices. Another signature, such as models stomping down the runway, was apparent this season - underwear and outwear, of course. That trend isn't going anywhere, so long as Zinko has something to do with it.

In a world grappling with crises, Zinko's designs serve as a reminder that optimism and creativity can propel us toward a better future, even if we're still firmly grounded on Earth for now.

Zinko said: "We may not be space-people yet, not yet, but we’re trying, trying hard, and, for the time being, we can certainly pretend."

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