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London Fashion Week AW24 Highlights: Ed Hardy's big comeback at Sinead Gorey

Chloe Burney
19 February 2024

Sinead Gorey presented punk ready looks, worthy of iPod-baring teens of the 2000s, yesterday during London Fashion Week. This season, the British designer teamed up with brand that defined the noughts - Ed Hardy - for a coming-of-age collection.

The Autumn Winter 2024 collection is a love letter to British teen culture, told through pieces that seamlessly blend both brands' signatures. Sinead Gorey had the CD-player-toting, Blackberry-pinging It Girl of the 2000s in mind when crafting each runway ready look. Even the makeup looks - barely-their brows, concealer lips and all - could've been plucked out of a magazine from the era.

Gorey, who made a name for herself in 2019 after establishing her namesake brand, took inspiration from English youth culture this season. Teaming up with Ed Hardy, the brand founded by legendary tattoo artist Don Ed Hardy in 2004, the collection reworks pieces that typified a generation of teens.

Gorey re-worked unmistakably iconic Ed Hardy pieces, which boasted a heavy dose of diamanté embellishments and tattoo motifs. This rule-breaking DIY sensibility saw the designer mix school uniform-style patchwork tartans with motifs from the Y2K streetwear brand.

Alongside the re-worked Ed Hardy pieces used throughout the collection, the collaboration features two  co-branded hats, which mix both brands’ DNA. A limited number of pieces will be available to purchase from Ed Hardy Online for Autumn Winter 2024.

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