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LabTech to launch fresh leasing scheme for Camden’s Hawley Wharf development

Tom Bottomley
02 April 2019

London landlord LabTech, owner of Camden Market, in affiliation with Colliers International, is launching a new leasing scheme at an open house event in Hawley Wharf on 9 April, which will benefit retail start-ups and fledgling businesses.

The programme is designed to make it as easy and attractive as possible for entrepreneurs, independents and artisans, including those new to bricks and mortar retail, to take space in the development. The 580,000 sq ft mixed-use destination is due to open in Camden this autumn.

Creating flexibility and reducing risk for start-ups and fledgling businesses is the aim of the programme, and LabTech and Colliers will be offering “turnover rents” and shorter-terms, as well as providing a baseline kitchen fit-out for food and beverage operators. The approach could significantly reduce start-up costs.

Tomer Bercoviz, LabTech’s commercial director responsible for Hawley Wharf, said: “We recognise it is important to break down barriers for entrepreneurs, independents and artisans. That means sharing the risks, increasing the ease with which such businesses can take space, and supporting them as they grow.

“In addition, our strategy enables us to support international brands looking to break into the UK market for the first time, providing them with a platform in the heart of Camden that will give them the opportunity to grow globally.”

Speaking on behalf Colliers International, the global real estate services and investment management company which operates in 69 countries, director Bobby Blake added: “Hawley Wharf is a different type of destination, not just for Camden, but London as a whole. Offering a mix of spaces, from large and small units, kiosks and converted railway arches, it will be a place where brands can thrive in a collective community.

“Delivering the vision, however, means taking a different approach to both how the leasing is done and the nature of the relationship between the landlord and occupier.”

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