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Kate Spade’s new holiday campaign invites Londoners for a free taxi ride

Camilla Rydzek
04 November 2021

Kate Spade will be launching a UK-specific Holiday 2021 campaign, inviting London member of the public to find joy by offering them a free taxi ride in selected vehicles, with passengers also receiving gifts they can pass on to their loved ones.

The taxi campaign will launch on the 15 November 2021 where drivers of selected London taxis, wrapped in brand's iconic Spade Flower Jacquard House print, will be giving out free rides and ‘Kate Spade Gifts of Joy’.

Passengers will each receive two gifts, such as jewellery or small leather goods, so they have the chance to pass one on to their friends or family, sparking a chain reaction of joy while also driving brand awareness and emotional connection with a new demographic of future customers.

From the beginning of November, the brand is also releasing a campaign celebrating the joy of seeing friends, featuring broadcaster, entrepreneur and lifestyle tastemaker Laura Jackson alongside her dearest and nearest - model and body positivity activist Charli Howard and award-winning writer Yomi Adegoke.

Kate Spade Laura Jackson holiday campaign

Kate Spade's holiday campaign featuring Laura Jackson (middle) alongside her nearest and dearest Charli Howard (right) and  Yomi Adegoke (left)

Both campaigns puts human and community connection at the forefront across both the physical and digital realms as the brand aims to evolve beyond the digital-first focus brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic.

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