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Inditex invests in nature restoration with WWF

Sophie Smith
22 December 2022

Inditex and WWF have announced a three-year partnership agreement to invest in nature restoration and transformational projects.

A total of nine WWF projects across North Africa, Europe, Asia and Latin America will benefit from the partnership, with a focus on forest restoration and conservation, water basin restoration and conservation, and species and habitat protection.

As part of this, Inditex will allocate part of its funds earned by charging consumers for paper bags and envelopes, an initiative launched in 2021 with the aim of promoting the use of reusable alternatives.

Inditex will make a minimum annual contribution of €3 million to WWF, with €4.2 million set for 2022. This will amount to a total contribution of over €10 million across the partnership.

The forest restoration and conservation sector will focus on projects such as protecting the biodiversity and fostering the sustainable management of Castile-La Mancha, which accounts for over 13% of Spain’s total forest land.

The water basin restoration and conservation projects are concentrated in North Africa, including the Sebou River in Morocco and coastal wetlands of Ghar el Melah, as well as the wetlands of the Guerbes-Sanhadja plain in Tunisia and Algeria.

The species and habitat projects include the conservation of the Gran Chaco tropical forest and Pantanal wetlands through community-based projects in Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia and Paraguay.

Óscar García Maceiras, CEO of Inditex, said: "Our sustainability strategy seeks to increase the positive impact of our work on people, communities and natural resources. We are therefore delighted to partner with organisations like WWF who share our determination to help protect and restore ecosystems worldwide.

"We believe that WWF, with its proven track record and global reach, is the best long-term partner for powering up our environmental commitments through transformational work targeted at our entire industry."

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