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Former Vogue editors turned entrepreneurs collaborate on capsule collection

Lauretta Roberts
22 June 2023

Former Vogue editors turned entrepreneurs Lucinda Chambers, Serena Hood and Pip Durell have reunited to create a capsule collection that combines the aesthetic and expertise of their respective brands Collagerie and With Nothing Underneath (WNU).

Chambers and Hood established content-led shopping platform Collagerie following their departure from British Vogue, while Durell established WNU in 2017 offering sustainably sourced and timeless shirts that were perfectly shaped for women.

From 5 July a capsule from the two brands will be available comprising three shirts (one of which is a longer length tunic) and two pairs of shorts that can be mixed a matched for work and play.

The Collagerie X WNU capsule plays into the "less is more" approach of both brands, marrying WNU's signature silhouettes with Collagerie's trademark eye-catching aesthetic with pieces featuring contrasting stripes in shades of khaki, navy, tobacco and teal.

Collagerie WNU

“Equally at home in a boardroom or on the beach, these pick’n’mix pieces match in a non conformist way, part polite/part playful,” explained Chambers, who is one of British fashion's most celebrated stylists and story-tellers, who worked at Vogue for 36 years before leaving in 2017.

Staying true to WNU's sustainable approach the capsule is made from Tencel, a material crafted from cellulose fibres derived from the wood pulp of Eucalyptus trees, and created using Earth-friendly practices and responsible sourcing. It is biodegradable and compostable under industrial, home, soil and marine conditions, thus the designs can revert back to nature.

Collagerie WNU

They boast a "trans-seasonal allure, not to mention a cross-generational charm", which gives them "anytime, anywhere, anyone" appeal, explained Durell: “We really feel we’ve delivered a collection that will bring joy to any wardrobe.”

Priced from £70 - £140, it will be available at from 5 July.

Listen to our recent podcast with Lucinda Chambers and Serena Hood here.

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