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Fila launches "Find Your Freedom" campaign highlighting impact of pandemic on DJs and nightclubs

Tom Bottomley
11 February 2021

The coronavirus pandemic has left nightclubs closed and renowned DJs redundant, so Fila, a sportswear brand synonymous with the rave scene, has launched a new social campaign called #FILA "Find Your Freedom" to highlight their plight.

Fila explores the relationship between sportswear and the rave scene, while giving DJs a platform to share the freedoms they’ve lost during the pandemic.

The campaign shines a light on the struggles of DJs and nightclubs, sharing the stories of DJs, old and new, to show how they've adapted, learnt new skills and how, despite losing many freedoms, they continue to find their freedom in music.

Fila invited a selection of their favourite DJs to an empty Fabric nightclub to discuss how they've been coping during these difficult times, giving them an empty stage to speak openly about what they miss from the crowd in the iconic nightclub setting.

The lineup of DJs, all photographed in Fila sportswear, spans over three decades, featuring rave scene legends "Ratpack" and Leeroy Thornhill - formerly of The Prodigy, as well as YAZZUS, LCY and DJ Oneman.

Pioneers of the rave scene, DJ and MC duo "Rat Pack", speak of how they remember Fila from the early 1990’s, while Leeroy Thornhill shares his love of the brand and buying Fila back in 1992 for the popular "Everybody in the place" music video.


DJ Oneman

Newer talents DJ Oneman, LCY and YAZZUS share their love for sportswear and a common sense of missing the buzz from playing to a euphoric crowd.

Fila "Find Your Freedom" is a positive and honest campaign that taps into the brand’s dance music heritage, while sharing a positive message of how music and freedom work hand in hand.

On the video, Leeroy Thornhill, says: “Being able to go out and party was that freedom to express yourself.” Sadly, that’s a freedom taken away for now with the current restrictions. However, the DJs and all those who love a night out on the town, will be hoping the nightclubs are able to reopen when it’s safe to do so.

Fila will be continuing to explore "freedom", lost and found, not only in dance culture but in other areas of their sportswear heritage going forward.

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