In Depth: the repair renaissance

In the classic British sitcom, Only Fools and Horses, the ever-sharp Trigger claims that he’s had his road sweeper's broom for 20 years. He goes onto say that the broom has had 17 new heads and 14 new handles. "How can it be the same bloody broom then?" asks Sid, the cafe owner. Trigger produces a picture of him and his broom and asks: "what more proof do you need?”.

Renting your clothes is not worse for the planet than throwing...

A recent study from LUT University in Finland has hit the headlines for its claims that fashion rental, which has boomed in the UK since the pandemic, is in fact worse for the planet than buying clothes and throwing them away.

In-depth: How fashion got into the swing of golf

For the younger, time-pressed and cash poor generations, golf used to be a sport associated with Surrey country clubs and the ageing gin and Jag brigade. It appeared to be a sport for the monied with time of their hands and it felt like golf clubs would be turning into wild flower meadows before Generations X and Z felt the pull of the manicured fairway.
Eric Musgrave

In My View by Eric Musgrave: Fool Britannia? Let’s keep branding...

David Antich is getting annoyed. And he is ready to do something about it. A couple of months ago, via one of his regular LinkedIn posts, David let rip at the murky practices surrounding country-of-origin branding and the (mis)use of “Made in the UK” and similar
Burberry AW21

With its CEO on the exit ramp, what next for Burberry?

The shock announcement that Marco Gobbetti, Burberry CEO, was to leave at the end of this year sent shares in the company spiralling downwards yesterday wiping £1bn off its market value.

“Hybrid approach” to selling is key to fashion industry’s post-pandemic recovery

In a positive sign that the global fashion sector is firmly in post-pandemic recovery mode, a new survey from leading wholesale management platform JOOR has revealed that 90% of surveyed brands intend to present their new SS22 collections this summer, and 92% of buyers said they will be attending buying appointments.

Cross-border e-commerce sales projected to surge to £552bn by 2023

Cross-border e-commerce sales were forecast in 2019 to grow to £317 Billion by 2023 but are now projected to surge to £552Bn by 2023.
High street shopping

Retailers suffer surprise sales fall in May despite reopening

Retailers suffered a surprise setback in May as a drop in food sales offset the gains seen by non-essential shops after they reopened.

Half of fast fashion made from plastics, new study finds

Fast fashion retailers are being urged to dramatically increase their use of recycled materials after a new study found that half of the clothes sold on popular websites were made from virgin plastics.

In Perspective: How to get customers into a loyalty loop

The search for the right garment or shoe often starts with a question, rather than going straight to blue jeans or black shoes. “I like what this influencer is wearing but I’ve never heard of that brand before, what else do they sell?”; or, “I like these shoes, I wonder how the sizing runs?” And it is typical for the questions to pile up until the customer is so confused that they either buy the wrong item or give up altogether.
Eric Musgrave

In My View by Eric Musgrave: Online Independence

Fourteen months of lockdown has caused lots of us rethink lots of things. One of my biggest changes has been in my opinion of independent fashion retailers selling online.

Are we set to enter a new “age of independents”?

When a mighty oak falls the sunlight blazes in. The resulting glade sees green shoots appear with all manner of species stimulated to grow and compete for this finite opportunity.

In-depth: the SS21 trends retailers are backing to get the fashion...

Fashion trends, remember those? A collection of styled fashion ideas and images to push product onto consumers and allow buyers to focus and buy deeper on particular SKUs and styles.
Retail sales Primark

Retail sales soar as shoppers welcomed back to stores with clothing...

Retailers enjoyed a surge in spending as shoppers flocked to high streets, and in particular to clothing stores, following the easing of restrictions that led to the re-opening of non-essential stores on 12 April after months of enforced closures.

In-depth: Just how did Crocs become so cool?

The Marmite of footwear, the humble Croc has suffered much derision since its inception in 2002. Over 600 million pairs later, its fugly cool has struck the right lockdown note with sales booming. The latest global figures for 2020 reveal an incredible 69 million pairs sold, full year sales of $1.386 billion and a 12.6% revenue increase in 2020 vs 2019. So, how did Crocs get it so right?
Eric Musgrave

In My View by Eric Musgrave: Service not included

The phrase I have heard most often from business leaders I have interviewed in the 40-plus years I have worked in the industry is: “We pride ourselves in giving great service.”

In-Depth: Horti-couture – how will the gardening/fashion crossover trend grow?

When did getting dirt under your finger nails become so de rigueur? While Capability Brown sounds like a colour by Farrow & Ball, according to IMRG, The UK's Online Retail Association, home and garden sales soared 74% year-on-year in 2020. 

Major fashion names from ASOS to Primark sign up for Textiles...

Major fashion names, including ASOS, Next, Primark, Marks & Spencer and Boohoo, have signed up to the Textiles 2030 action plan, which has been described as "the most ambitious ten-year programme for clothing and textiles in the world".

In-Depth: What does a department store-less town look like?

Department store chains have come and gone before. Many stores’ names became amalgamated, swallowed up and disappeared thanks to the larger chains’ lofty expansion ambitions during the 20th century. However today, many mid-size British towns and cities are facing a completely department store-less future for the first time in living memory.
Oxford Street

Retail sales boosted as shoppers buy new outfits ahead of lockdown...

Retail sales in March beat expectations, with shoppers spending more in fashion in anticipation of being able to socialise again, as lockdown restrictions continue to ease.