In-depth: Just how did Crocs become so cool?

The Marmite of footwear, the humble Croc has suffered much derision since its inception in 2002. Over 600 million pairs later, its fugly cool has struck the right lockdown note with sales booming. The latest global figures for 2020 reveal an incredible 69 million pairs sold, full year sales of $1.386 billion and a 12.6% revenue increase in 2020 vs 2019. So, how did Crocs get it so right?
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In My View by Eric Musgrave: Service not included

The phrase I have heard most often from business leaders I have interviewed in the 40-plus years I have worked in the industry is: “We pride ourselves in giving great service.”

In-Depth: Horti-couture – how will the gardening/fashion crossover trend grow?

When did getting dirt under your finger nails become so de rigueur? While Capability Brown sounds like a colour by Farrow & Ball, according to IMRG, The UK's Online Retail Association, home and garden sales soared 74% year-on-year in 2020. 

Major fashion names from ASOS to Primark sign up for Textiles...

Major fashion names, including ASOS, Next, Primark, Marks & Spencer and Boohoo, have signed up to the Textiles 2030 action plan, which has been described as "the most ambitious ten-year programme for clothing and textiles in the world".

In-Depth: What does a department store-less town look like?

Department store chains have come and gone before. Many stores’ names became amalgamated, swallowed up and disappeared thanks to the larger chains’ lofty expansion ambitions during the 20th century. However today, many mid-size British towns and cities are facing a completely department store-less future for the first time in living memory.
Oxford Street

Retail sales boosted as shoppers buy new outfits ahead of lockdown...

Retail sales in March beat expectations, with shoppers spending more in fashion in anticipation of being able to socialise again, as lockdown restrictions continue to ease.

Independents on how trade has been since non-essential retail reopened

It’s been just over a week now since retailers were able to reopen their stores on 12 April and fashion independents have now got the first weekend of trading since Lockdown 3 under their belts. The mood has been positive, with customers enjoying being out to get their retail “fix” after so many months stuck inside, or out with nowhere to go. Here’s what some independents have experienced so far back on the
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In-depth: Dropshipping – what is it, how does it work and...

As a retailer, how do you increase your product range or brand selection without tying up money in inventory, warehousing and delivery costs? The answer could be dropshipping.

Carnaby and Soho retailers react to reopening

Assessing the first day of reopening of non-essential stores that was Monday, 12 April, 2021, brands and retailers in and around Central London’s Carnaby Street and Soho give their verdict on how it was on the West End frontline
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In My View by Eric Musgrave: Time to ask the big...

Sustainable adj (of economic development or energy sources) capable of being maintained at a steady level without exhausting natural resources or causing ecological damage.

Out of store click-and-collect points: the future of retail?

The COVID-19 pandemic has sent shockwaves throughout the retail sector, with retailers suffering their worst annual sales performance on record in 2020, according to the British Retail Consortium.

Break the border: don’t let the current trading environment distract you...

Crises like Covid cause countries and their people to look in rather than out, as you might expect as this all comes down to the health of each and everyone else. But this inward thinking can extend to all areas of life and business, with the result that opportunities available now and after the crisis can be missed.
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One year on from Lockdown 1: how shopping habits have dramatically...

Shopping habits have “changed dramatically” a year on from the first empty shelves and shuttered high street stores, according to retail experts.

In-depth: can Peloton capitalise on its community to create a new...

An aspirational brand selling products in the £1,000s diversifies into affordable sub-categories; this sounds like the classic financial model for luxury fashion or jewellery brands, but what about in fitness?
Eric Musgrave

In My View by Eric Musgrave. Hello New Beginnings.

It’s been an interesting year, hasn’t it? The extraordinary situation we have found ourselves in since March 2020 certainly has been challenging but I do not agree with those that claim, “It has changed fashion retailing

In-Depth: Will retailers’ third-party brand experiments work?

How can mono-brand websites appeal to the fickle consumer addicted to newness? For some, the answer appears to be adding a raft of third-party brands, such as Mango and Marks & Spencer have recently done.

In My View: Luxury’s pull on the personal

The past year has proved to be a reset for many people, in many ways. And as profound as Covid-19 has been on individuals, its consequences on the commercial world have been just as marked. For businesses, 2020 created a point in time where whole strategies, sector specifics, employee expectations and channels of sales and communications have been reappraised. The crisis has been a catalyst for revaluating commerce and identifying where genuine value lies.

The Future of Formalwear: now that “fleece fatigue” has set in,...

Formalwear has taken a particular battering during the pandemic, with venues closed, events off and occasions massively restricted, but is there a brighter post-Covid-19 future ahead for smart dressing and formalwear sales?
New Bond Street, 2021.

Luxury leaders go local as pandemic continues to halt travel

The capitals of Europe have long been destinations for foreign tourists, most notably Chinese and Arabic visitors, to fill their shiny Rimowa suitcases to bursting with luxury goods. Buying a new Hermès bag on the Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré or a bespoke suit on Savile Row felt more authentic and could seduce many an international visitor to spend, spend, spend.

UK should be “ready for a spending boom” once lockdown lifts

The UK should reap the benefits of a spending boom once the latest lockdown lifts, according to the latest survey from consumer and location intelligence specialist, CACI.