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Depop reaches climate-neutral goal with South Pole certification

Jeremy Lim
02 November 2021

Depop achieved its goal to be a climate-neutral company after being officially certified by climate solutions provider South Pole.

In February, the fashion resale marketplace set out to reach this milestone by the end of 2021 in its 2022 sustainability plan by partnering with South Pole to neutralise its shipping footprint and reshape fashion consumption.

Depop said in a statement that it has now successfully offset all material sources of scope 1-3 greenhouse gas emissions, with the South Pole certificate for 2021 covering 100% of material scope 1-3 emissions during 2020.

The company began retroactively offsetting greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from shipping since January of last year through verified carbon credits purchases, which has now been expanded to cover the rest of its material measured emissions, including its offices and utilities, IT equipment and cloud services, and employees’ travel and work from home activities.

"Becoming climate neutral is an important step on our journey towards making Depop actively kinder to people and the planet. We believe in setting ambitious goals and focusing our efforts on delivering results and iterating fast – so now that we’ve achieved this milestone, we will shift our focus towards net zero," said Justine Porterie, Depop head of global sustainability. 

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