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Cult Mia launches charity donations scheme in celebration of Earth Day

Sophie Smith
18 April 2023

Ahead of Earth Day on 22 April, luxury fashion marketplace Cult Mia has launched a new donations initiative to help support a series of environmental and social causes.

Founded by Nina Briance in 2019, Cult Mia is values-driven marketplace for independent brands. The e-commerce platform brings limited-edition, global fashion to consumers, whilst championing sustainability and high quality.

The new initiative will see Cult Mia donate £2 for every item purchased to a one of the retailer's four causes: Cult Eco, Cult Conscious, Cult Power or Cult Local. As part of this, charity partners will be updated on a quarterly basis depending on "who needs the most support at the time" from Cult Mia’s community.

How will the donations help?

Cult Eco:

Cult Mia is committed to becoming carbon neutral in the coming years, and to further support this agenda, the retailer is donating the proceeds from all products purchased in the Cult Eco category to remove 25 kg of CO2.

Cult Conscious:

To help reduce overproduction and waste, Cult Mia will make donations to help improve circularity and provide a second life to recycled clothing, whilst supporting underprivileged women to secure jobs via access to the appropriate clothing.

Cult Power:

Championing female empowerment, the retailer will be providing school materials to young girls. As part of this, the donations will help give a notebook to each girl in Africa to break the poverty circle, encourage and empower education.

Cult Local:

As a global platform that works with numerous Turkish designers, Cult Mia plans to support numerous local communities by providing a kit of "basic needs" to those affected by the recent earthquake in Turkey.

Nina Briance, Founder and CEO of Cult Mia, said: “I’m thrilled to announce our Earth Day donations scheme launch. My team and I are truly proud to take our mission further and support those in most need via donating across the four values that we already champion as a platform.

"This Earth Day initiative is another reason for sustainable shoppers to shop with confidence at Cult Mia, versus with competitors that don't make any or enough sustainability compromises. Every brand on our platform is vetted, they are transparent, they meet our core ESG requirements, and now we donate proceeds to further support our Cult Causes."

Cult Mia's new initiative is a continued dedication and celebration of its core values as a business. In 2022, the retailer partnered with Positive Luxury to take its values-driven approach further - certifying the brand sourcing strategy from an ESG perspective.

The initiative also follows the launch of Cult Mia's ‘Zero Waste Black Friday’ in partnership with resale platform Loop Generation, offering its first-ever sample sale for consumers to shop second hand and archive samples.

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