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Clothing rental platform HURR launches resale feature

Camilla Rydzek
31 January 2022

Clothing rental platform HURR has launched a resale feature that allows users to bid on a number of pre-loved pieces. 

The new 'pre-loved' section launched on the website three days ago supporting HURR's push to invest in a more circular economy. It now lists 12 pages worth of clothing and accessories that are available for rental as well as resale.

Items available to buy include dresses, outerwear, tops and bottoms, shoes, jumpsuits, bags and accessories.

Users can use the rental and retail prices displayed for each piece as guidance for their bid. For items currently available to buy, the price range for a four-day rental period is £15 to £434.

Hurr resale

Victoria Prew, Founder & CEO, HURR said: “Here at HURR we’re always trying to find ways to help our customers Buy Better - to skip over ‘wear-it-once’ purchases, and only invest in things they are going to love wearing time and time again.  There’s where Keep It Forever comes in.  Customers can now use rental to discover new brands, or trial new styles & silhouettes. If they fall in love with a piece that they know they’ll wear for years to come, we’re here to facilitate that. 
"From a Lender point of view it’s also a no brainer, adding more ways to earn with HURR.  While an item that is in high demand can offer greater earning potential from repeated rentals alone, if a lender is looking to clear out their wardrobe, or a piece has passed it’s rental peak, then reselling it to a new home makes financial sense. The global rental market is expected to reach $2.1B by 2025, but we think this understates the opportunity as we see more convergence between different circular models... after all resale (a $77B global opportunity by 2025) is just an extended rental!”

Last December HURR raised $5.4 million dollars in seed funding, which it was looking to invest on further proprietary technology advancements, expansion of HURR's white-label partners, and community development.

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