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Black Friday 2019: will shoppers come out and will they buy fashion?

Lauretta Roberts
26 November 2019

Gen Z and Millennial consumers are the most eager to buy fashion during this Black Friday period with 40% of 16-24 year-olds and 31% of Millennials saying they intend to do so.

With sales getting underway already across the UK and set to crescendo on "Cyber Monday" on 2 December, releases its latest in-depth consumer study outlining the intended fashion spending of 2,000 British consumers this week.

Overall 23% of consumers say they intend to buy fashion this week with Christmas Gifts & Toys and Personal Technology proving more popular choices, with 35% and 24% intending to buy from those categories respectively. The 23% figure for this year contrasts with 27% of shoppers who say they they typically shop for fashion during the Black Friday sales, suggesting fashion has slipped down the priority list.

Black Friday

In addition, customers are expecting big discounts. Some 46% of consumers say it would take a discount of 50% or more to convince them to buy an item they otherwise would not have purchased with only 7% saying they could be swayed by a 20% saving.

Our study also shows that consumers say they are no more likely to return items bought during Black Friday than at any other point during the year with 57% saying that it makes no difference to their return habits and 13% saying it makes them more likely to keep an item.

Download our exclusive report below with more exclusive insights, charts and data.


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