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Allbirds to open-source its Carbon Calculator

Tom Shearsmith
22 April 2021

In recognition of Earth Day 2021, San Francisco based footwear and apparel company Allbirds has announced it will begin to open-source its Carbon Calculator to encourage the fashion industry to take accountability for its impact on the planet.

Last year, Allbirds was the first fashion brand to have labelled all its products with a carbon output, aiming to encourage accountability and inspire businesses, as well as consumers, to commit to a low carbon future.

The Carbon Journey takes into consideration the materials, development, manufacturing, and end of life of a product.

The sustainable footwear and clothing company is to now open-source a version of their proprietary Carbon Footprint Calculator at FreeTheFootprint. After investing hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars into research and development, Allbirds’s third-party verified life cycle assessment (LCA) tool has proven to be a key advantage for the company.

Last week, the direct-to-consumer business announced it will launch its first products made from the sustainable fibre within the next year, and will work with existing suppliers to meet its goal to shift sourcing entirely by 2025.

The company also recently unveiled Plant Leather – the world’s first 100% natural plant-based leather alternative.

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