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Two former Farfetch colleagues set to launch Underdays underwear brand

Tom Bottomley
02 December 2021

Two ex-Farfetch employees, Oria Mackenzie and Amelie Salas, are launching a new women’s underwear brand on 15 December, 2021, called Underdays, in reaction to their dissatisfaction towards the offerings of the underwear industry.

What started as a discussion between colleagues, turned into a debate topic amongst their network, leading to Mackenzie and Salas thinking they may have spotted a gap in the market, with the ambition to create a progressive underwear brand that “speaks to the values of a new generation of women”.

Founded in 2019, the pair have spent the last two years trialling samples to get it  right before launching. There are three defining collections: "The Everyday", "The Workout" and "The Lingerie".

In the same way that Calvin Klein did in the 90’s, the duo aim to tap into youth culture and “bring a fresh energy to an essential category”.

Mackenzie and Salas interviewed hundreds of women and went through over 50 rounds of user-testing before approving the final designs. Each collection targets to solve the pain points they received from their research and survey work to realistically support a diverse range of women throughout their daily lives.


From offering up to ten hours of freshness with The Everyday, to unhindered stretch in The Workout thong made of 84% Q-NOVA recycled nylon, to The Lingerie’s sensually sheer stretch mesh and supremely soft silky microfibre, they each aim to provide an unrivalled combination of style and comfort.

Mackenzie said: “For so long women have had to choose between uncomfortable, over-sexualised lingerie or bland designs that don’t reflect their personality or sense of self-expression. Underdays wants to bridge the gap between style and comfort and connect to the values of a new generation of women. We want to democratise underwear shopping and make it an immersive, community-led experience in the same way that brands like Glossier have revolutionised the beauty industry.

“Our target market is women between the ages of 18-34 who are looking to connect with brands that share their values and sense of unique style. We’re here to help a new generation redefine comfort and rewrite sexiness, on their own terms.”

Salas commented: “The collection targets key problems that women have with their underwear, like digging in, riding up and breathability. One of the biggest changes we have made to all our designs is extending the length of the gusset – the fabric lining inside of women’s underwear.

“After reading countless surveys, forums and chatting to our own community, we realised that many women were dissatisfied with how little coverage the average gusset gave, so our gusset is 2cm longer than others and made out of antimicrobial bamboo for ultimate comfort and to protect against infections.”


As a direct-to-consumer business, Underdays is aspiring to be the market leader in the online-only underwear segment, and to be one of the first brands in Europe to provide an immersive online brand experience around shopping for lingerie, with inclusivity also high on the agenda and sizing running from XS to XXL.

Mackenzie added: “We have opted for a direct-to-consumer business model for now, meaning that customers will only shop via the Underdays website. We believe this is the future of retail and an opportunity for us to own the narrative and relationship with the customer end-to-end.

“In the future as we expand into new markets, we would be open to different strategic partnerships, but for now we are focused on building the Underdays community and talking directly with our customers.”

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