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TOMS celebrates 15th anniversary with updated visual identity and impact strategy

Tom Shearsmith
07 April 2021

Footwear and lifestyle brand TOMS is celebrating its 15th anniversary with a new impact strategy and updated visual identity, replacing the one-for-one model it made famous.

Since 2006, TOMS has impacted over 100 million lives by giving shoes, sight, safe water and impact grants to those in need. After extensive research and evaluation, the company has implemented a new impact strategy to give at least one-third of annual net profits to grassroots projects.

Responding to community-driven feedback, TOMS has identified relevant issues that will be the focus of the one-third profits strategy. The three main pillars include promoting mental health, increasing access to opportunity and ending gun violence, aligning with the belief that together, they help lay the groundwork to create equity for all people, particularly Black, Indigenous and People of Colour, LGBTQ+, and women.

In tandem with the evolution of the impact structure, TOMS is also rolling out a new brand identity, featuring new visual assets and a campaign to reinforce the brands message of standing up for people making an impact on the ground.

Future product collaboration will be woven through this updated brand strategy ranging from a diversified collective of brand ambassadors to exclusive launches celebrating conscious leaders.

TOMS footwear

Amy Smith, TOMS Chief Strategy & Impact Officer, said: “On behalf of the TOMS Giving Team, I am thrilled to be able to carry the brand's legacy in a new and powerful direction with these inspiring grassroots organisations.”

“TOMS has been using business to improve lives for 15 years now, and with that experience, plus a whole lot of research and a bit of sole searching, we have learned that there is so much we can do when we come together as a community. We realise we’re not changing the world, but we are at the feet of people who are. The journey to impacting another 100 million lives has officially begun!”

TOMS also continues to take a holistic approach to sustainability with ethical and eco-conscious practices throughout the business. Through new and existing product offerings, processes, packaging and vendors, the brand works to make choices that benefit the customer, employees and planet.

Magnus Wedhammar, TOMS CEO, added: “It is of utmost importance not only as a global brand, but a leader in a larger movement to better the world, that TOMS represent the highest standards of corporate social responsibility.”

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