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Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein to introduce regenerated fibres into their collections

Camilla Rydzek
10 May 2022

PVH has announced a multi-year partnership with the circular fashion technology group Infinited Fiber Company to introduce regenerated textile fibres to its Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein products. 

PVH will use the circular fashion company's textile waste regeneration technology, which creates a fibre called "Infinna", for Tommy Hilfiger t-shirts that will be released in Europe in Summer 2022. PVH also shared plans to expand the use of the fibre across its Calvin Klein brand in the future.

Infinna is a patented regenerated textile fibre that mimics the natural look and feel of virgin cotton and is created using cotton-rich textile waste that would otherwise end up in landfills or be burned. These are then broken down at the molecular level and recreated into new fibres.

Waste fibres are currently locally sourced in Finland but PVH are also looking to recycle its own take-backs and factory cut-offs as raw material for Infinited Fiber’s process.

PVH said that the partnership was part of its Forward Fashion strategy, which sees it reduce all negative impacts to zero by 2030, and that consumers will be able to learn more about the materials used with on-product labelling and a dedicated e-commerce page.

Esther Verburg, EVP, Sustainable Business and Innovation, Tommy Hilfiger Global and PVH Europe, commented on the partnership: “We are proud to join forces with Infinited Fiber Company to transform our waste into new products, truly closing the loop without sacrificing the high-quality our consumers know and expect from our brands. We look forward to implementing this game-changing technology so we can reach a new level of circularity as we strive to truly future-proof our business.”

To learn more about Verburg's role at Tommy Hilfiger and how she is implementing the brands sustainability and circularity plans listen to this episode of the ‘In Conversation’ podcast.

Kirsi Terho, Key Account Director, Infinited Fiber Company, added: “We have been working with PVH Europe for several years now, and they were one of the first companies to work with fabrics made from our Infinna textile fibre. It has been great to see the brand bring our vision to life — truly demonstrating how well-suited our fibre is to the clothes we all love to wear every day."

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