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The Kooples launches app designed with "lovers in mind"

Lauretta Roberts
21 October 2015

The Kooples has today launched a new app which it claims to be the "world's most intimate social network".

Blackout, which is available to download free from Google Play and the Apple store, has been designed with "lovers in mind", says the French brand whose name is a play on the word "couples". It is designed to be used one to one with another user.

The Kooples Blackout app designed to used one-to-one

The Kooples Blackout app designed to used one-to-one

The app allows users to chat in real time and share images, including encrypted images that can be unlocked with a swipe. The "Blackout" mode prevents users' devices from receiving calls and texts and other notifications to enable them to focus entirely on the communication in hand, while the "Glitch" mode enables users to send only partial images to encourage the recipient to guess the rest.

Blackout has been launched with a new fashion film (below) set in a Northern Soul-style club, showing two users connecting and avoiding all distractions to enable them to meet.

The Kooples was launched by brothers Alexandre, Lauren and Raphael Elicha in 2008. Its ad campaigns famously feature couples wearing the brand's men's and women's collections which are designed to complement each other.

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