The Index Part 2 December 2019: The Brands & The Buzz Scores

The Index

Following on from Part 1 one of the latest wave of our brand & retail tracker, The Index, Part 2 looks at the specific brands and retailers that are finding favour with today’s fashion shopper.

Each month a nationally representative group of fashion consumers, all of whom have shopped for fashion in the past three months, tell us exactly which brands and retailers they visited and which ones they left with a purchase or empty handed.

We also rank each retailer in the list according to the negative and positive sentiment surrounding their brand, otherwise known as The Buzz Scores. When used in concert with the charts that show where consumers are shopping The Buzz Scores reveal whether negative publicity surrounding a brand affects consumer behaviour.

As it stands some of those brands that have had a tough time of land, for instance Ted Baker, John Lewis and Superdry, still perform well on The Buzz Score chart meaning the negative press around financial performance has yet to seep deep into the consumer’s psyche, however the survey was carried out before the Christmas trading updates were released, so this is a situation to watch.

Remember to use this report in connection with the Appendices which provided a “live tracking chart” showing how the month-on-month performance of each and every one of the 100 brands we track. We are now in month three of our tracking so trends are beginning to emerge and this information will only get richer and more useful as time progresses.

The report and the live tracking charts can be downloaded below.

The Brands & The Buzz Scores


The Live Tracking Charts


Did you know we can break down exactly who is shopping in all 100 of our brands and retailers by age, region, gender and demographic? If you would like an in-depth breakdown of your shopper or that of brands and retailers you follow, please email 

The Index is produced in proud partnership with Klarna.