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The Cords & Co launches crowdfunding campaign

Lauretta Roberts
19 March 2018

Swedish corduroy brand The Cords & Co is about to launch a crowdfunding campaign as part of its bid to provide the world with an alternative to the ubiquity of denim.

The campaign will launch on FundedByMe on 28 March and will run for 30 days, during which The Cords & Co hopes to raise €2.5m.

Since its launch last August the brand has opened stores in six flagship locations worldwide (including in London's Soho) and has launched an online shop, along with a number of collaborations with brands and artists such as Alpha Industries, Eastpak, DJ Harvey and Curtis Kulig.

Cords & Co

The Cords & Co, Soho

"We have a disruptive approach to everything we do and besides raising funds for our journey ahead, we also see crowdfunding as an opportunity to grow our business by engaging with passionate people who truly believe in our mission and wants to be part of our community. We believe that is the only way to build brands these days. You cannot do it all on your own," said The Cords & Co co-founder Mikael Söderlindh.

"By giving corduroy enthusiasts worldwide a possibility to own a piece of cords and become a part of The Cords & Co family, there are no limitations to what we can achieve. We will build this brand together," he added.

Carl Manneh who is co-founder of The Cords & Co and also co-Founder of Mojang AB, which created Minecraft, said the brand pushed the boundaries of "typical corduroy concepts".

"[The Cords & Co] is not like your average fashion brand for many reasons. I don’t have a fashion background, and to be honest - I don’t know that much about the industry. But what I do have is a passion for building things I believe in and I have also learnt to recognise good ideas when they come my way. I really hope people understand what an extraordinary opportunity this is," he said.

Visit The Cords & Co page on FundedByMe to learn more about the campaign.

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