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Daniel Peters, Founder, Fashion Minority Report

| 20 October 2021

IN DETAIL: the Podcast from in which we get under the hood of the industry and examine the business & consumer trends that are driving change and take a look at some of the brands and people that are shaping the future of fashion.

In this series we will interview industry watchers, analysts, experts and writers who are all leaders in their field.

Daniel Peters is a fashion marketing specialist with a mission for promoting careers of marginalised voices within the industry. It was this mission that encouraged him to set up Fashion Minority Report, an organisation dedicated to helping businesses create an inclusive workplace culture.

Despite the fact that he established his business just as the Covid pandemic hit the UK last summer, Daniel is in demand, as fashion as a whole examines the way it represents and supports minority voices both internally and externally.

On top of running his own business, Daniel is also a member of the steering committee for diversity and inclusion at the British Fashion Council and is a regular speaker and commentator making numerous media appearances.

In the latest episode of the IN DETAIL podcast, he speaks to Lauretta Roberts Editor-in-chief of about how he helps companies confront some often uncomfortable questions to produce tangible results, but despite the failings in this industry and in the wider community Daniel remains a huge fan of fashion and is an optimist who is determined to be a force for positivity and is also something of a dab hand in the kitchen as we shall discover.


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