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Paradise Row to support local manufacturers and talent in East London amid Coronavirus outbreak

Sadiyah Ismailjee
01 January 1970

East London based sustainable leather goods brand, Paradise Row announced it will support local trade and talent in East London during the Coronavirus outbreak.

Founder of Paradise Row, Nika Diamond-Krendel said: "It goes without saying that events such as these will be challenging  for businesses such as Paradise Row as any luxury purchase during times of uncertainty may seem unnecessary. That said, as a small local business, we are better protected against the disruption to global supply chains and do not have the burden of lengthy payrolls and bricks and mortar stores weighing us down. And as a sustainable brand making timeless pieces, Paradise Row does not have to worry about getting rid of seasonal stock."

"Although there is uncertainty as to when this will end, people are confident that we will get through this and when we do, our beautiful handcrafted leather products will still be there looking for new owners. Paradise Row is a brand at the heart of its area and community and so as long as there is social distancing, the main cost will be a human one. Times like this give us an opportunity to reassess our priorities and think about the role we all play as considerate consumers and citizens. And that is at the heart of everything we are trying to do at Paradise Row."

Paradise Row has quickly become a favourite sustainable brand amongst the London street style set. Hand crafted in East London, Paradise Row creates low carbon footprint handbags and leather accessories which contribute to its local community.

When Founder, Nika Diamond-Krendel, first discovered how East London was once home to a booming manufacturing and textile industry, she wondered why an area that is internationally known for its designers didn’t seem to be experiencing the industrial impact of this movement.

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