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Mother of Pearl joins rental revolution with The Full Circle initiative in partnership with Onloan

Lauretta Roberts
08 April 2021

Mother of Pearl, the trailblazing sustainable fashion brand, has partnered with online fashion rental service Onloan to launch The Full Circle initiative.

Launching next week, the Full Circle breaks the traditional "linear" retail model and takes into account a garment's full lifecycle, encompassing Mother of Pearl's ethical and sustainable supply chain and Onloan's rental and pre-loved garment services.

A key part of the initiative is "Try Before You Buy" enabling shoppers to road-test items before committing to purchase. If a customer wishes to keep an item having rented it, they can purchase it with the rental fee deducted.

“This is super cool because it means we're switching impulse purchase behaviour to something that is more considered and slower,” said Onloan creative director Natalie Hasseck.

Mother or Pearl creative director Amy Powney said she wanted customers to be able to wear her label for important life moments but to be able to do so sustainably.

“We recognise there are life moments that require a great outfit you may never have another event for - by renting you are able to enjoy items that signify a moment in your life or mood but may not have a place in your forever wardrobe. C/o Onloan these items will then be rented and rented again for others to enjoy," Powney said.

Mother of Pearl at Onloan

Mother of Pearl at Onloan

The initiative brings together two female-led businesses. Powney founded Mother of Pearl, a luxury label with sustainability at its core, in 2002 while Onloan was founded by entrepreneurs Natalie Hasseck and Tamsin Chislett.

In contrast to peer-to-peer rental platforms, Onloan works directly with premium brands such as Kitri, Shrimps and Alexa Chung offering them an avenue into the burgeoning rental market. Customers can take a membership to the platform enabling them to rent either two or four items a month.

Powney sad of the partnership: “I believe collaboration has become a necessity for future proofing our planet, sharing knowledge and resources and bringing community back to the heart of everything we do. C/o Onloan I am so excited to introduce rental to our community to add circular options for our pearly queens and help take responsibility of our garments once they are created. We are all bigger and better together."

Onloan's Hasseck added: “We are thrilled to be partnering with such a pioneering designer. Onloan’s mission is to reignite a love of clothes without the waste. Who better to partner with than Mother of Pearl who has done so much to consider every aspect of their sourcing and supply chain. With this collaboration we are sustainably managing the whole lifecycle of the garment, closing the loop. We are confident and hopeful lots of other designers will follow Amy Powney’s lead.”

Listen to our November 2020 podcast with Onloan founders Natalie Hasseck and Tamsin Chislett here. 

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