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Marks & Spencer encourages women to book in for bra fit with "Love Your Boobs" campaign

Lauretta Roberts
15 February 2023

With four in 10 women said to be unsure about their correct bra size, Marks & Spencer is encouraging them to have a professional fitting with its new campaign "Love Your Boobs".

The campaign seeks to "celebrate boobs of all shapes and sizes – from big boobs and small boobs to nursing boobs and post-surgery boobs" and to underscore Marks & Spencer's expertise in lingerie and as an inclusive retailer that caters for every life stage and need.

Marks & Spencer's research reveals that some 35% of women have never have a professional bra fitting while 38% are unsure of their correct size. Among those who have had a professional bra fitting, 30% have not had one in the past five years.

Through the campaign M&S hopes to "normalise the British boob" and help women feel more confident, starting by booking a free BraFit™ appointment with one of the retailer’s 2,000 Bra Fit experts who, between them, fit more than 900,000 customers every year.

Marks & Spencer

The stars of the 360-degree campaign – Anna, Nicky, Enga, Emi, Christine and Emma – represent diverse body types and life stages. The campaign will span OOH, print, digital, media partnerships, PR, organic and paid social including an all-day takeover of both M&S’ Instagram accounts, supported by influencer and content from 'M&S’ Insiders' (influencers drawn from M&S's own team).

Anna Braithwaite, Marketing Director – Clothing & Home, said: “Our boobs are unique and – like the rest of our bodies – they change through our lifetime. With this campaign we want to celebrate our differences in a positive, fun and uplifting way.

“With a large proportion of the UK population wearing the wrong bra size or never been measured, we’re on a mission to change these statistics and get more people to love their boobs and show them a small – but important - act of self-care by booking a free bra fit.

"Our Bra Fitters are some of the most passionate and informed people I’ve met, and through this campaign, we’re excited for even more of our customers to experience our Bra Fit service.”

Marks & Spencer

On the campaign creative, Braithwaite added: “It was important that we created a campaign that was inclusive, diverse and body positive – as a retailer that serves over 22 million customers every day, we have a responsibility to represent all body types and that extends beyond our marketing: it’s reflected in our product ranges too – whether shopping with us in-store or online, customers will find an extensive offer that caters for different needs and life stages.”

Marks & Spencer is the leading lingerie retailer in the UK, commanding a 22.9% market share, and sold 22 million bras in 2022 alone. The retailer introduced its first bra in 1926 meaning it has almost 100 years of experience in the sector.

Its BraFit™service is used by 17,000 customers across 240 stores each day but some women are reluctant to use the service or are unaware of what it entails.

Marks & Spencer

“The most common misconception surrounding a bra fit, is that you need to fully undress for the fitting. Many customers walk in and the first thing they say is, how do you want me to undress? First and foremost, we want you to be comfortable and leave knowing your body shape, the type of bra you should be wearing and your size. We’ve got fantastic private changing rooms and we’re trained to put you at ease as quickly as possible. If that wasn’t enough, we will always offer to measure you whilst wearing your top, making sure you feel as comfortable as possible,” explained M&S Bra Fitter, Sophie Skidmore.

Almost a third of women (28%) said they were unsure about how often they should get a bra fit. “Bodies change,” added Skidmore,  “You don’t stay the same size all the time. If your weight changes, your breast size changes, and that means your bra size changes too. Have a bra fit once a year to be sure you’re wearing the right bra.”

Marks & Spencer

Marks & Spencer: 100 years of lingerie expertise

1926: M&S launches its first bra

By 1939: selling at least 30 styles of bra (the most popular fabric for lingerie during the 1930s and 1940s was artificial silk or Rayon as it was then known)

1947: sales assistants were trained in measuring customers girdles, bras and corsets on the shop floor under the customers’ coat. In the same year, M&S also trialled a new way of selling lingerie – the Marble Arch store had specifically designed counters to give a secluded space where customers could feel at ease

Early 1950’s: M&S began using three cup sizes; small, medium and large

1953: started selling bras aimed at teenagers and younger women

1965: M&S is the first retailer to introduce a range of coordinating bras and girdles

1964: promoted bras with elastic and adjustable straps and elastic back and side panels

1969: M&S introduced cup sizes to its bras

1972: introduced first unlined bra for 73p – it became the bestselling bra in Britain that year selling over one million

1984: introduced sports bras and store colleagues were trained in advising which bras were most suitable for exercise

1996: M&S was the first retailer to launch a machine-washable underwired bra

1997: refreshed the fitting rooms in its lingerie department – adding new fixtures and fittings, and merchandised by different looks: glamour, modern and classic

2006: post-surgery bras were introduced

2006: Autograph collection lingerie was launched

2012: first partnered with Rosie Huntington-Whiteley to launch lingerie range (a piece from Rosie’s collection is sold every 30 seconds)

2020: suspended in store bra fit service due to COVID-19 pandemic and provided customers with a self-measuring guide

2020: launch of B by Boutique – a range filled with bright and bold pieces

2023: updated the M&S BraFit calculator to be quicker and more intuitive

2023: M&S fitting rooms include an illustrative guide encouraging customers to regularly check their boobs for any changes and the signs and symptoms of breast cancer

Marks & Spencer

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